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UCLA GRIT Coaching Program

The GRIT program has yielded valuable outcomes for students who have participated in the program, including peer coaches and the students they work with. See some of our program data below which includes compiled annual program outcomes data, student testimonials, peer coach video, and a UCLA radio show featuring GRIT coaches!

This data demonstrates the program’s influence on factors including student well-being, resilience, academic success and connection to campus.

Daily Bruin Radio Featuring the GRIT Program

Students often find themselves caught up with academics, social lives and doubt about the future – it’s stressful. The GRIT Coaching Program, by the Bruin Resource Center, is trying to fill this need by employing peer counselors to lend an ear to fellow students and helping them improve their mental well-being. Click on the player below to listen to the full program.

GRIT Program Participant Testimonials

"My coach and I grew together over the quarter. I had an amazing connection with her mainly because we were very similar. Any time I had a conflict in my life and would share it with her, she would provide resources that I had already enacted or suggest ones that I was interested in. We became very aligned, and she really listened when I communicated with her. I appreciate her help and her listening."

"I was nervous to meet my coach but we met about 9 times and it was exactly what I needed to keep up the motivation to graduate. I suffer from anxiety and depression but my coach was able to help me get classes at CAPS, set goals for myself to hit before graduating and most importantly help me through the stresses of my life and find a way to tackle them in a healthy manner."

"I feel as though much of what I have accomplished so far at UCLA has been through the help and encouragement of my GRIT coach. She has been a supportive rock for me to lean on and has always been cheering for me, congratulating me and reminding me of my successes no matter how small. She has helped me improve my self-confidence, strengthen my relationships with my friends, and develop the ability to say "no" to others without feeling guilty. "

"Having someone who is slightly older and a current student made things easier to talk about. I have learned that my entire being is not dependent on a test, but on an array of things that make me. I had many successes this quarter, but I just couldn't see it. Jenna helped me with that. Thank you. "

"Since the college is so big, I did not know where to start to make friends and get social, so I stayed in the little bubble of my room for the first quarter. However, once I started talking to my GRIT coach, I realized how great it is to talk to people again and that motivated me to put myself out there and find people with similar interests as me. Talking to my GRIT coach also helped me put away the stresses of one week so that I could start the next afresh. Furthermore, my coach gave me the courage the reach out to more resources such as my RA, who I talked to for the first time after my coach suggested that I do. This experience has been crucial for my transition from a cocoon to a butterfly."

"[Through my coaching experience] I was motivated to apply for more opportunities when before I was worried about not being able fit extracurricular activities in my schedule and was worried that I would end up dropping them. I was also afraid I wouldn't do a good job at the new opportunities I was applying for but I learned to trust that I will be able to improve and gain confidence with experience."

"GRIT was such an incredible experience. This past spring quarter at UCLA was the best quarter I've had thus far and I credit a lot of that to GRIT. For the first time ever, I realized how important it is to make sure I am happy and healthy, instead of only focusing on my output. Once I started focusing on my well-being, it seemed like everything else in my life just fell into place. I felt happier, had more energy, enjoyed school more, and was more excited about life in general. I had quite a few bumps in the road towards the end of the quarter and it hit me really really hard. But another thing GRIT taught me was that it was okay to be sad and disappointed as long as I got back on my horse as soon as I could. As mentally and emotionally challenging as the quarter was, I felt like I was able to gather the strength to get through it with skills I learned in GRIT."

"I believe I came out of the program with better ability to check in with myself. While that may seem simple it is something I didn't do enough and as a result it helped my well-being improve. It also helped my track smaller habit that lead to behaviors I want to change. Finally I also took away the fact that there are spaces on this campus where people listen and where I am not always expected to be something. I can be broken and not be judged or condemned for it and instead be kindly given ways that can help me get better."

"This past quarter, I have had the privilege to experience how valuable a life coaching program can be by participating in the GRIT Coaching Program as a coachee. The program has created a space for me to reflect on my life, identify what needs I am not satisfying, and take steps to meet those needs. I have especially enjoyed the guidance of my peer coach in helping me identify areas of challenge in my life that I have been able to address by setting goals and utilizing the resources available to me at UCLA. From my experience with a peer coach, I can confidently state that a life coaching program can be very valuable to the student community."

"This program is a great way for UCLA students to have someone there for them. This campus is huge and many students do not feel that they have a person to speak with when something is wrong, or just as friends. This program has helped me to think in a positive way each and every day. I appreciate what I have learned and I will continue to teach my friends and family members about the things I learned in this program."

"The GRIT program helped me get back on my feet by providing me with unconditional support. I gained access to the resources I needed and developed skills to manage my stress, anxiety, and negative self-talk. Today, I feel more confident and capable of handling challenges in the future."

"My GRIT coach actually listened and remembered things so when I met with her it was like actually meeting with a life coach. I knew every week she would remember what I told her and what we talked about before so there wasn't an atmosphere where I would allow myself to slack off--Which is what I needed to get through my last quarter at UCLA."

"The Grit program was an effective way to spend my time spring quarter. I learned how to set and accomplish my goals as well as how to improve and strengthen my relationships with my friends. I was able to improve my time management skills and gain greater self-confidence than I thought possible."

"The hour-long meeting every week was always worth my time because I was able to reflect on the past week with my coach and get extremely helpful advice from my cash on how to better plan for the upcoming week. I was able to change my outlook on all the areas in the "wheel" of life. I also became very aware of my feelings, strengths, and weaknesses."

"My GRIT coach has helped me advocate for myself and given me the techniques to assertively say no to others without feeling guilty for doing so. Thanks to her help with practicing situational conversations, I was able to tell someone who was bothering me to give me space."

"It was clear to me that my peer coach only wanted me to reach my highest potential, therefore, I felt very comfortable telling him all my personal problems. He also usually always knew how to help me out and provided me with additional resources if he thought I needed them."

"My coach always motivated to become better and she told me that I can do it. She helped me realize that I do have a network and I do have friends. She always reminded me to look at the positive side of things."

My mentor tackled most, if not all, the concerns I had. My time with GRIT was valuable because not only did I learn about strategies but I applied them into my life. This helped me develop positive habits, skills, and thinking toward an improved version of myself.

"This program has made such a difference with my time at UCLA! I am a transfer student and sometimes I do not feel as if I belong due to age and ethnicity. It was amazing being able to receive additional support in school and personal affairs! My Grit Counselor has really helped me out with many tips on how to manage stress, time, and more."

"Week after week, I would talk to my coach about all the "problems" I thought I had, but he showed me how much I was overthinking and how well-off I actually am. That gave me a confidence boost and got me to go outside of my coaching session and into life feeling good about myself."

Peer Coach Video

GRIT Program Peer Coach Video 2016 Video